Things you need to ask yourself before Choosing a Career in Law

Things you need to ask yourself before Choosing a Career in Law

Getting a law degree may sound fancy to many of us, it may be noble and having to know that you have helped someone at the end of the day will make you feel satisfied and you will also have a highly paid job. But before you become a lawyer you need to go through a lengthy academic road and take up multiple examinations.

Things you need to ask yourself before Choosing a Career in Law

The following are some of the things you need to understand before choosing your career in law:

Law schools are very expensive:

Going to a law school will cost you a lot of money. An average student loan debt is about $14,000. After becoming a lawyer you might earn a comfortable living, but you need to figure out if you will be able to afford such a costly education. You also need to consider that some areas of practice will have more pay than the others. Thus, you need to choose wisely before choosing your career path.

You need to be dedicated to studying:

You can go to a law school only if you have a bachelor’s degree which is about three years of study. Once you get into a law school you will have to study for another three years to get your law degree then you need to focus on externships, class work and other school-related activities. You also need a licence, and you will have to focus on studying for the LSAT exams. So that is about more than six years of study and a lot of focus on getting your coursework completed.

Performing well under pressure:

Your career requires you to perform well under pressure and the coursework and other activities you do to get your law degree will help you to operate well under pressure. The coursework can be very hard, and you need to sit and study for it thoroughly. Numerous tests such as LSAT and licensing tests such as the bar exam are quite challenging, and students need to know how to handle things under pressure to clear the exams.

Public speaking and interacting with others:

Apart from being good in your academics, you need to an excellent public speaker. As a lawyer, you must be comfortable in presenting the information you have with others. You will have to present your case, lead meetings, make presentations and head many communities. Only when you can speak well to a vast audience, you will be able to bring forth your point and pass on the information you have in your mind.

You also need to excel in your communication skills. You have to be good in oral arguments and learn the art of negotiating persuasively. You also need to have excellent writing skills to document various things such as agreements, resolutions and indentures.


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