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Top Paid Lawyers in the World

A country that has no law would end up in a total mess. Without rules, people would get very arrogant, and there would be nothing to control or justify various actions of people. When we have laws, we need people to govern the judiciary body. Not all of us can learn all the rules and defend or speak for ourselves. Thus, we need lawyers to speak for us during a case. There are many lawyers, and the following are some of the most expensive lawyers in the world.

 Paid Lawyers

Wichai Thongtang:

Wichai is one of the most famous names in this industry. The lawyer is from Thailand, and he graduated from the University of Thammasat in the year 1970. He has had influential clients, and one of them was the Prime Minister of Thailand. Wichai has an asset of about $1.1 billion. He has a deep interest in stock markets, and he learnt it in addition to his law career.

Jose Baez:

Jose is known as a very helpful and capable lawyer. His net worth is estimated to be more than $5 million, and people are attracted to his talent and skills. Soon after finishing his law degree, Jose started his private practice. Jose is an excellent example of a hardworking lawyer who has achieved great heights due to his dedication and skills.

Harish Salve:

Harish is a famous lawyer in India, and he has worked quite hard to gain such a reputation in India. He charges about $45,000 a day, and he represents many government entities and corporate in India. Some of his clients are Mukesh Ambani, Salman Khan and many others. Harish is also an inventor, politician and an industrialist.

Vernon Jordan:

Jordan is one of the most successful lawyers in the world. He is also a civil rights activist, and he gives particular attention to human rights. Vernon is primarily concerned about racial discrimination. He got his law degree from Howard University of law. Jordan has a net worth of about $12 million, and he became famous for his work in civil rights in Georgia. He won the lawsuit for racial discrimination against the University of Georgia.

Ana Quincoces:

Ana Quincoces is an American- Cuban lawyer, and she became quite famous through her reality shows. She enjoyed cooking at an early age, and she was raised in Florida. She published her cookbook named “Cuban Chicks Can Cook” and that book became a top seller. Later she wrote another book which also was a best seller and it established her success as a chef.

Joel Segal:

Joel Segal received his law degree from the Hofstra Law School. Joel started his career as a sports agent and as a contract advisor. He then joined the worldwide football management and became the president of it in the year 1997.


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